Trajan 914

Roll In bandsaw Type 914
Trajan 914

Details for Trajan 914



Cutting Angle Stock Shape Max Stock Size
Round Stock 14"
Rectangular Stock 9" x 14


  • 1HP 3phase Motor
  • Uses 1/4 - 1" Bands
  • Blade Speed -  70-140-280-580
  • Blade Length 10 - 0 x 1/4 - 1"x .
  • 616 Lbs
  • These Utility Trajan horizontal Band Saws are a quality machine tool that will provide provide fast precise cutting.
  • A heavy weight machined table helps eliminate vibration, with a fabricated steel base, horizontally mounted guide arms, and adjustable roller blade guides our Trajan 914 band saw provides reliable service. 
  • Operator safety is a priority at Trajan saw, Thermo overload protection, blade guards.
  • Hydraulic control for feeding stock at variable rates and a independent feed shutoff allows you to stop the saw head at any position without changing the feed rate.
  • Convenience chip brush blade cleaner, cleans the chips from the blade, extending the bandsaw blade life.
  • Simple and fast operation - clearly marked controls on every saw we sell up to semi automatic 13 inch capacity